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Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Ultraviolet is a term used to describe the wavelength between the blue violet range of the visible spectrum and the shorter wavelength or X-rays.

UVc is often referred to as the germicidal wavelength, because of its ability to destroy micro-organisms. The lamps in all of the UV sterilisers stocked by TMC emit a wide range of ultraviolet with its most significant part at a wavelength of 253.7nm, which has been found to be the most efficient for germicidal action.When water is passed through a UV steriliser, micro-organisms contained in the water come into contact with UVc radiation emitted from the germicidal lamp. The UVc radiation penetrates the cell membrane and thereby either destroys or debilitates the micro-organism. Different micro-organisms vary in their susceptibility to UVc radiation. The most sensitive and hence, the easiest treated, are some bacteria and most phototrophic organisms such as those often found in ponds and aquaria.

Dirty or turbid water with suspended particles will absorb the UVc radiation and dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the unit. It is important to ensure that the UV steriliser is placed at the end of the filter circuit, before the water returns to the holding tanks to ensure that the water passing through the steriliser is as clear as possible.

TMC (Tropical Marine Centre) developed the first UV cleansing system in the 1970's and has been manufacturing them ever since. Being the first on the market TMC know how to make a great UVC and the numerous awards they have won prove that their UVCs are a firm favourite within the market place. The TMC Pro Advantage range is built from only the highest quality plastics, and using only the very best component parts, making sure the product will last a long while.

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