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Please note all Sturgeon are only available from our premises-we will not send by post.

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Sturgeon do very well in Koi ponds as they are usually deeper than goldfish ponds and are usually well filtered. Also the fact that most koi-keepers try to keep the dreaded blanketweed to a minimum is a bonus to sturgeon as they can become entangled on it and as they are unable to swim backwards they will suffocate.

Ponds for sturgeon should be a minimum of 1000 gallons as they can grow up to 1.5m in length. They need plenty of oxygen and good quality, high protein sinking food as they are bottom-feeders.. Try to feed them little and often as they only have a small capacity gut.

Before treating ponds with any medications make sure that the product used is safe for sturgeon.

We have in stock quite a few different species of sturgeon including Diamondbacks, Siberian, and Albino sturgeon. Sizes start from 5".