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Standard Surface Skimmer

   Standard Surface Skimmer   
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Standard Surface Skimmer

A surface skimmer can be installed into the wall of a concrete pond or into a liner with the clamping plate that is provided. 

It will need to be connected to a filtration system of some description for it to work correctly.

This excellent flush fitting surface skimmer is supplied with all necessary fittings. The bottom outlet is threaded 1.1/2" allowing either hard piped or flexible connection. The Items included are. 

1. All (Stainless steel) screws 

2. The gasket is of a one piece construction leading to a less fiddly operation when fitting to a liner. 

3.The strainer basket for ease of removal has been fitted with a fold down handle, 

4.Two hose tails are included, one to fit the bottom outlet the other for the vacuum return plate. 

Suitable for ponds up to 4000 gallons.

Price:  £37.00


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