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Welcome to our Koi For Sale page! The majority of our koi come from Ogata Koi Farm where Neil visits on average 3 times a year. He hand selects every piece himself from stunning 2 year old koi right down to the smallest tosai(one year old koi). Over the last 10 years we have supplied many show winning koi from Ogata Koi Farm! See our page "10 years of Dock Koi"!

Koi for Sale 2013/14.

We now also have the opportunity to select from Ueno Koi Farm, Okawa Koi Farm and Suetsugu Koi Farm where we can obtain superb showa, sanke and kohaku!

Neil at Mr Ogata's Koi Farm.

Ogata Koi for Sale 2012.

Ogata Koi for Sale 2012.

Neil at Okawa Koi Farm

Koi for Sale 2021/22

All our koi are quarantined for approximately 6-7 weeks to ensure that they are healthy and disease free so that you can buy with confidence! During this period certain koi can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit pending completion of the quarantine period.

Koi for Sale 2019

Koi for Sale 2021/22

We have again been awarded a five star licence for another 3 years!!

Although we prefer you to collect your koi in person, you can opt to have it delivered by courier which usually involves a late pick-up one day with a delivery before 10am the following day. This normally costs 35.00 per box.

Your koi will be double bagged with oxygen and packaged with the upmost care to ensure a stress free journey. However once it has left our premises all risks must pass to the purchaser/receiver.