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Refresh Powder

REFRESH POWDER-also known as " The Magic White Soil" is a clay mineral from the Yasawagi district in Akita Prefecture in Japan. Local villagers who live in the area used to take this clay themselves as a herbal medicine and as a medicine for diarrhoea, injury, toothache etc. They call the clay "Marvellous Soil" or "Magic White Soil". Refresh Powder is a wonderful gift from the earth, which cannot be reproduced artificially.

These effective minerals help to keep the water clean and supply vital nutrition for your Koi. Dissolving slowly into the water, the Refresh Powder's natural workings contribute to, and are necessary elements for, keeping your Koi healthy and improving their colour.

Refresh powder is used for improving the white skin and strong colours particularly red (hi) and black (sumi). Refresh is also a fantastic way of improving the water quality if used on a regular basis.

Treating with Refresh actually adds a sparkle and improved clarity to the water. It is full of minerals and essential vitamins for the growth and health of your Koi. Koi raised in lakes containing natural clay bottoms thrive, with outstanding skin quality and exceptional colouration. These colours have noticeably deteriorated in koi that have been deprived of this natural source and transferred to man made concrete ponds.

Refresh recreates the optimum natural environment for you Koi. By restricting the increase of decaying organic material within the pond, the product will help to prevent bacterial disease, improve water quality, and thereby provide a much healthier environment for your fish.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 200g per 1000 gallons for the first two weeks
  • 100g per 1000 gallons added on a weekly basis thereafter
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