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Koi Pond Filter Media

The reason it is important to consider what filter media to use when we build biological filter systems, is to increase the available surface area for these bacteria to colonize. The filter media will then act as both a mechanical and biological filtration system by trapping larger particles of unwanted debris and sifting it from the water and housing the beneficial bacteria at the same time. The important consideration is to keep the pollutants and unwanted debris out of our ponds, while keeping the beneficial bacteria in our systems. 

The variety and assortment of filtration media is extensive - but here we show you just some of the various types of filtration media that you can use .. Clearly some will work better than others and each Koi keeper will, and does have his own preferences.

  • Filter grids

    Filter grids

    Filter grids. Ideal for supporting filter media such ...


  • Kaldnes K1

    Kaldnes K1

    Kaldnes Moving Bed process, which has been scientifica...


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