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Oase Filtoclear 16000

   Oase Filtoclear 16000   
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Oase Filtoclear 16000

The Filtoclear range of filters is a highly developed range of pressure filters designed with ease of use and quality filtration in mind.

The Oase Filtoclear 16000 can be used on ponds up to 16000 litres/3500 gallons. Ideal filtration for small ponds or as a secondary water polishing filter for large koi ponds. Perfect as return filter from skimmer.

  • Pressurised filter - Pressurised outlet
  • Backwash system for ease of maintenance
  • Attach a hose to discharge waste into drain
  • Safety catch on tension ring
  • UVC integrated pond clarifier-24 watt
  • Complete pond filtration package
  • Energy consumption 24 watts 
  • 5m of cable provided
  • Up to 3 years warranty

The Filtoclear pressure pond filter has also been designed with all the connections and major operating elements in the lid allowing  the filter to be partly buried out of sight.

Price:  £339.99


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