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Combat-treats bacteria in ponds

   Combat-treats bacteria in ponds   
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Combat-treats bacteria in ponds

Combat-for bacterial problems. Dosage 10gms per 1000 gallons.

Combat is a pond water treatment formula blended from various substances that can lower common water borne pathogens. Most ponds will harbour harmful organisms that can eventfully cause disease to the skin or the gills of fish. If levels are allowed to remain untreated the potential risk of various types of disease both primary and secondary increases. The standard dose is 10 grams to 1,000 gallons of water and this will lower the potential for any water borne bacteria, parasites or other harmful organisms to reach a level where the fish are at risk. In cases where pond hygiene has been minimal for some time or the pond water has been allowed to return to the pond after filter maintenance the possibility exists that any pathogens harboured in the filter have been disturbed. This places the fish at a greater risk from water borne organisms and a higher dose of 20 grams per 1,000 gallons is recommended.

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