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Sturgeon Food

Sturgeon cannot digest most plant proteins or carbohydrates (the enzymes required to digest these are not present within their stomach) so their food needs a high fish meal/shrimp content. Foods without this protein content will not do your sturgeon any good. They will become thin and bent as they will live off their own muscle tissue and liver for a while before they die of starvation.

Sturgeon need a minimum of 40% protein, oil, vitamins and minerals.

Under ideal conditions in summer temperatures sturgeon need between 2-3% of their body weight per day depending on their size to grow at their natural growth rate.

Sturgeon pellets come in different sizes

2mm for small sturgeon 4"-8"

3mm for 8"-14"

4.5mm for 12"-20"

8mm for sturgeon over 24"

Stellatus and Sterlets have smaller throats so use a size smaller.

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