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Newatt Anti Ice Heater

   Newatt Anti Ice Heater   
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Newatt Anti Ice Heater


The Newatt Anti Ice Pond Heater comes complete with 10m of cable. The heater element is a Newatt pro 100 watt. An ideal product for keeping a hole clear in the ice in the colder winter months.

This 100 watt Newatt pond heater comes with a float so the element is suspended from the surface of your pond. It is designed to keep an area of your pond surface free from ice allowing oxygen into the pond and allowing harmful toxins and gases to escape.

Keeping an area of the pond free from ice also provides a source of open water for wild birds to drink and bathe.

Product Features
100 watts
10 metres of outdoor rubberised cable
Ceramic Heater Element
Optional Air Stone attachment
Inner Aluminium casing
Overheating Protection
1 year warranty.

RRP 39.99 Our price 34.95

Price:  £34.95


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