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Medikoi Growth Koi Food 3kg

   Medikoi Growth Koi Food 3kg   
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Medikoi Growth Koi Food 3kg

Medikoi Growth Koi Food-3kg.

Medikoi Growth has been scientifically formulated to provide the optimum level of healthy but rapid growth and low waste.  The high protein level of 40% is partnered with a relatively higher oil content of 7.3%.  The oil provides the energy source so that the maximum amount of protein can be used for growth but not too high as to cause oily slick on the water surface. This highly digestible formulation ensures that there is much less waste as more of the food is metabolized by your fish.  For best results feed Medikoi Growth in the warmer months when temperatures exceed 12 C and in conjunction with the Medikoi Health & Beauty programme.  Medikoi Growth can be used instead of Medikoi Beauty in the feeding programme.

Available in floating pellet.

Contains: Fish Meal, Soya, Wheat, Maize

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