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Kusuri Super Growth Paste Food 1kg

   Kusuri Super Growth Paste Food 1kg   
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Kusuri Super Growth Paste Food 1kg

Very high growth, superb colour, and very low waste. The ultimate fresh food for Koi!

Kusuri Super Growth paste food comes as a powder, and when mixed with water makes a dough consistency to be fed directly to your koi. As this food has not been processed by heating and cooking, none of the valuable nutrients are lost. The maximum recommended life of the mixed product (dough) is 3 days, provided it is refrigerated.

Super Growth is a high protein (63.4%) special formulation paste food, and when fed to your Koi in conjunction with good water conditions will produce superb growth. The high protein level of this food, when digested by Koi, is reduced down into constituent amino acids that will produce better muscular growth and provide further energy.

This high protein food is beneficial when fed to Koi at temperatures above 68 F (20 C)


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