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Kusuri Liquid Gold 250ml

   Kusuri Liquid Gold 250ml   
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Kusuri Liquid Gold 250ml

Kusuri Liquid Gold, is a one off treatment that can be used at all temperatures to eradicate string algae and blanketweed.

Effectively eradicates string Algae and Blanket-weed. Suitable for ponds containing fish and plants.

Kusuri Liquid Gold is for amateur use against algae in garden ponds with capacities less than 25,000 litres and which do not have outlets to watercourses (streams, drainage channels, etc.)

Directions: Fill clean watering can with approximately 5 litres (1 gallon) of pond water, add the correct dose (50ml of product to 1000 litres - 220 gallons).
Stir well and distribute evenly over the surface of the pond. Avoid dropping the concentrated solution directly onto aquatic plants. 

If present, switch off UV clarifier for up to 7 days after treatment for maximum effect. Also, remove as much blanket weed as possible before treatment and remove any decaying blanket weed in subsequent days as the Liquid Gold takes effect.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not for use in wildlife ponds and not for use in ponds when frogs or toads are spawning. Please read all precautions before use.

250ml treats 1100 gallons.

Price:  £8.95


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