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Elecro 900 Digital Pond Heater 2kw

   Elecro 900 Digital Pond Heater 2kw   
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Elecro 900 Digital Pond Heater 2kw

The Elecro 900 EVO Stainless Steel Aquatic heater has been designed especially for the Fish & Koi market place, suitable for Koi Ponds & Quarantine Tanks. The Elecro 900 EVO offers precise all-season temperature control for professional fish keepers, breeders & hobbyists. All heaters come fitted with 1½'' BSP female threaded adapters for ease of connection.

Elecro Koi Pond heaters help the koi keeper to have full control of the pond environment. Higher water temperature over the winter means we are able to feed our Koi for the whole twelve months of the year so they are getting the full nourishment they require to keep them in good condition, furthermore our Koi grow at a faster rate all year.

Using the Elecro Koi Pond heaters helps avoid some of the parasite problems that can arise as water temperature fluctuates in the spring. The risk of losing our Koi has been dramatically reduced because we have been able to maintain a temperature acceptable to them.

Because we have been able to continue feeding we still have mature biological filtration, which means we don't have to go through the process of 'Starting Up' our systems at the beginning of each season. The Elecro 900 Evo Stainless Steel Koi Pond heaters have been designed to the highest standards to give long lasting and accurate temperature control for Koi ponds.

These Elecro Evo 900 Pond Heaters offer precise all-season temperature control for professional koi keepers and koi breeders. Elecro Koi Pond Heaters Feature digital control and new ultra-efficient super long life heating element. The Elecro Koi Pond Heater as been Designed for safety and easy installation.

  • Digital Temperature Control and Display
  • External Reversible Flow Switch, allows water input from either direction
  • NEW High Limiting Thermostat
  • Integral Contactor Relay
  • Circuit Protection Delay Switching
  • Stainless Steel BS316
  • Stainless Steel Reinforced With Titanium
  • Controls Temp with 0.5ºC Differential
  • Min Flow Requirements 1,000 lph
  • Max Flow Velocity 10,000 lph

Price:  £455.00


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