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Econobead Filter EB50

   Econobead Filter EB50   
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Econobead Filter EB50

Bead filters are closed pressure vessels filled with millions of small plastic beads. The beads float inside the filter and therefore provide a means of mechanical filtration whilst the vast surface area of the beads provides the biological filration.
The Econo Bead filters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: 

Features Of The EconoBead 50 

:A bottom drain to remove the sludge from the bottom. 
:6-way valve and a very reliable blower! 
:The blower is also equipped with a silencer. 
:Comes with a big lid for easy access 


Model EB50 
Approx Size 50cm x 75cm 
Max Pond 20000 ltrs or 4000 gallons 
Max Fish Load 50kg 
Complete with Media-40kg Beads 

Price:  £639.00


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